Monday, May 27, 2013

the road to Scotland ...

So it's been a while ... i am a really bad blogger ... but i will try again & get some pretties online for you. I will say in my defense that all kinds of stuff has been going on (great stuff) so blogging went to the way side. But i am back hopefully long term starting with our recent trip to Scotland. 

As you can imagine i shot A LOT ... both digital & film ... & i'm slowly working my way through the images. With this in mine you will get a number of Scotland posts an attempt to keep the number of images per post low. So this is the loooooong journey from my parents house to the cottage we would be staying in close to Oban on the north west coast of Scotland. 

& it wasn't a fun journey 1. because any length of time in a car with a toddler that exceeds 30 minutes is going to go wrong at some point & because the weather was horrendous ... it rained. Not a great start to the vacation. But me being me made the most of it ... reading my book & playing around with my camera. & as a result of my editing i have an idea for a project i hope to start working on next month (i just need to make a small purchase first). 

So here we are ... everything was shot using my Nikon D800 with my Lensbaby Composer pro & either the Edge 80 optic or the Double Glass. 

Hopefully i will be back tomorrow with some more photos ... maybe a Loch! Have a wonderful memorial day or bank holiday or just a happy Monday!