Wednesday, March 27, 2013

iphone love ...

So i've been a little busy ... hense the lack of blogging ... & i have a mountain of images to edit (i'm like a kid in a candy store) but i also have you know "work" that needs doing so until i get some of the boring out the way no editing for me. Yes yes i know i am a tease but instead i am going to share a few iphone pics from the past couple of days shooting up in Cheshire, on the Wirral & Merseyside (wait except the tree in the snow ... that was Sunday before i made the drive up north). I love my iphone ... it's possible i got it purely for the camera. & i love the "instant" editing ... quick & simple. Way too much fun!Anyways less talk today more photos! 

ps. you can find me on instagram just search for me: @oohprettyshiny

pps. have a great morning/afternoon/night! 


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