Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Susannah Tucker & her pretty pictures ...

So i figured you guys need something pretty to look at that isn't well mine ... & so i want to share the world of one of my favourite {yes she is one of my favourites ... hehehe i feel like i'm back in school} etsy photographers ... & friend's. Well the kind of friendship that comes from being two photographers half way across the globe from each other. In fact we are taking part in a fun 52 week instagram diptych project based on the fact we are on opposite ends of the world! 

Anyways yes i know you are all wondering who this fabulous photographer is ... Well her name is Susannah Tucker & her work is beautiful! I have been a little in awe of her photography for a long time & with the somewhat blah weather we are having right now I am sat here looking at her beautiful new work wishing I was in New Zealand. 

Susannah's work has such an incredible dream like quality ... every child hood memory you have stored up in your brain can be seen through her images. I just want to jump into her images ... there is nothing about them you cannot love. The tones are so peaceful & calming & her use of textures is so subtle half the time i don't even notice them. But then that's the way it should be right?

She also has a way with words ... knowing exactly what to match with each image ... i think i could decorate my whole house with her work. 

a wonderful instagram series ... leaves me dreaming of summer ...

... beautiful simplicity ...

... & the perfect ending!

I feel so lucky to know such inspirational photographers ... one day we will shoot together! But for the moment i will just drool from afar & spend many an afternoon browsing her etsy store! 


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  1. My sweet friend - thank you! I am so surprised to see this post, and so very very flattered! Thank you talented gorgeous lady.
    ~Susannah xx