Monday, March 18, 2013

one foggy morning ...

There are certain things i have grown to love since we made the move back to "blighty" in October ... sticky toffee pudding has become a rather unfortunate stable in our house {but it tastes so good ... we'll just ignore the calorie intake for a moment} ... John Lewis {it's a shoppers paradise but oh so dangerous on the bank account} ... & the morning fog. 

I was introduced to the fog by a friend of mine & incredible talented photographer Sasha Holloway of Bleulips ... she takes these incredible portraits in the fog & whilst i am currently not shooting portraits i knew the fog was something I needed to photograph {not want but needed}. So through the winter i spent many a morning capturing the fog. 

Well a couple of weeks back I woke up to this beautiful fog ... the kind that sees your eyes light up in the morning. A fog that makes you want to jump in your car & just explore the countryside Camera in hand. Well I made the decision to head to Cambridge that day to try & get the fog in the city on camera.  So bundling Jacob up in the car I first had to make a trip to base ... a trip that {as usual} took 20 minutes longer because i got distracted along the way (but well if you know me that isn't exactly hard). 

This tree sits in a field by the side of the road ... un assuming ... i first noticed it in December because of the way the morning light hits the field & have since returned to it time & again. This time i had my "trusty" Lensbaby Composer Pro & Edge 80 to keep me company.

I then made it a whole 100m further down the road before stopping by a local river, the same moody feel capturing my attention. There is something special about England in the fog, I can't explain it but it feels like they go hand in hand, it reminds me of a Jane Austen or Charles Dickens book. Don't get me wrong I adore a beautiful blue sky but this has so much emotion to it, a story waiting to be told. & Well personally the Lensbaby just add that little extra something. 

Well having managed to success babble on longer than i intended I will leave you for today ... & post the rest of my photos from Cambridge on the blog later today or maybe tomorrow. I haven't decided. 

But before i go let me ask you this ... what is it about where you live that always "gets you" ... turns something ordinary into that something special? Something that goes perfectly with the place you {currently} call home?


  1. Beautiful! I love sun (actually, I crave it this time of year), but I wish we had a bit more fog sometimes. Right now all we have is gray, gray, gray. Bluh.

    I love your second image! The colors and tone are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Staci ... I also adore sun, i like being warm (especially when out photographing nature early in the morning) ... but i do now have a special affinity for fog! xx