Tuesday, June 4, 2013

a little old skool ...

So one of my favourite things to do right now is to shoot film ... I love that i have the chance to experiment with my mountain of film cameras (i have getting up towards 100 of them), I love the anticipation of waiting for them to get developed. Right now it's a little hit & miss & since most of my cameras are vintage there are some "individualities" to them. But it's so much fun & i will improve! 

So in taking a break from Scotland here are the results of the 3 rolls i picked up today ... happy viewing. 

camera: Zenit ET
format: 35mm
film: Lomo color 100

camera: LC-A
format: 35mm
film: Kodak Portra 160 

camera: Diana
format: 120
film: Kodak Portra 100

Anyways i hope you enjoyed my experiements ... no editing was done to these images & one day i hope to be able to print myself. I am though added some to my etsy shop "ooh pretty shiny" for purchase. 

Have a great night.