Wednesday, October 30, 2013

long exposures ...

I wish i could take workshops every week ... i love love love them! It's true ... i mean ...

1. i love learning 
2. i love being inspired 
3. any excuse to take photos

So in the depths of my August when i was feeling uninspired & stuck in the rut i signed myself up for a couple of very different workshops once of which was totally new to me. I have always admired landscape photographers & long exposures specifically but as hard as i try i can't get them right so this was my chance to learn ... & it was awesome. I spent a beautiful fall afternoon shooting on the Norfolk coast & understanding filters & getting the look I had been dreaming on (resulting in me buying said filters & waiting rather impatiently for everything to arrive so i can go practice what i have learnt). So here is something very new & a little different to keep you occupied. & don't forget to head on round the circle of Sisterhood Stories starting with something else very different on the blog of Karrie Drake. & have a wonderful wednesday! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

cambridge & calendars ...

So recently i have ended up in another funk ... life & the weather simple as that. & my beloved lensbaby work has taken the brunt of my dislike. I felt as if it was uncohesive, boring & well blaaaaaah (that would be the technical term). Now this i believe is a phase every artist goes through ... 24 hours of being mad at perfectly good work. So to get myself out of this little funk i got working on a calendar ... i have already designed 4 templates this year for calendars & thanks to my funk didn't like any. So not only was i making a calendar of my Cambridge lensbaby work I was making a new template. See how artist funks go? 

Well 2 days later ... not only did i love love my new template but wow did i love how cohesive & gorgeous my lensbaby work looked in the calendar. Yes we do have a tendency to swing between either end of the spectrum ... i believe it's known as the "artist temperament". Or maybe just a bad day. Anyways here is said calendar which can be purchased over at sweet dreams & honey ... in either a 7x5" loose leaf format or a 6x4" loose leaf format. 

& now that you've listened to me go on about well ummmm not much of any significance head on over to fellow sisterhood stories blogger Jessica & see what pretties she has to share online. & once you are done there you can just continue on you round the blog circle all the way back to my ramblings. Happy hump day! xx

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

apple picking & jacob ...

It's sisterhood stories day ... yes i know one post every 2 weeks isn't exactly you know blogging often but it's more often than it was so we will consider it a start ... anyways i had an idea for a blog post & i totally forgot what it was (you me ... i distract easily) so instead you just get to look at pictures of Jacob & his friend when we went apple picking at Sandringham a couple of weeks ago. Yes possible a few too many pictures but to be honest is there such thing as too much cute? & Don't forget to head on over to the beautiful blog of Jessica Barone & check out what thoughts she has to share with the world on this somewhat blah wednesday! Have a great week. xx