Wednesday, March 5, 2014

London Kings Cross ...

So here's the ummm geek in me i guess ... I love railway stations. I mean i adore them. I love the mix of emotions that can be found in them, the sense of romance & the history that goes with. & then, then there is the architecture. Back when i was in 6th form i studied Station Architecture for my a-level art, travelled around stations taking pictures & read about their history. I really do love them ... did you know they were considered the "cathedrals" of the 19th century? Anyways every time i travel to London from Cambridge I am lucky enough to enjoy London King's Cross station with it's huge arches & historic clocks. 

Well now it has a much newer addition so i decided to have a little lensbaby fun. I am in love with the contrasting side to this station, now if only I could spend a whole day exploring it you know without Jacob! 

& yes that was an amazingly short post for me ... who knows what you will get 2 weeks from now! Don't forget to head on round the sisterhood stories circle for some inspirational words & beautiful pictures starting with Karrie