Wednesday, July 9, 2014

running ...

So here's what i know about running ... i love it ... yes i'm one of "those" ... i mean how can you love something that hurts so much? Here's the thing about running ... it lets me clear my head, i always feel accomplished (even a bad run), it gets me outdoors (i'm really not a treadmill kind of girl & yes even in the middle of winter) & i get to fly!

Stepping back a little I can admit it has never come easy for me, i have to work at it, i have to want it. Sometimes I feel like it's the same as my photography, very much a part of who I am & something I feel is missing if i don't do it. I feel lucky that i can run, & that i get to run with some amazing people. So slowly I have been working on incorporating two of my passions & creating some inspirational running photographs which I'm sharing here. 

Happy hump day everyone & be sure to work your way around the rest of the sisterhood circle beginning with Karrie