Wednesday, September 18, 2013

wanderlust ... & the sisterhood stories ...

I love the word "wanderlust" ... it has a sound & a feel that go together, it conjures up images of mountains & deserts & trains & planes & free spirits. It inspires me to get out & see something new & with it i dream of adventures & new discoveries & pretty pictures. As far as words go it's one of my favourites but until now i have never been able to turn it into art. & this week i got two pictures that show it for me. & you know what i'm not done with the word, i think you will be seeing it show up in my shop over & over because of it's beauty & because in November i will be California bound for 30 days, a place that for me symbolizes everything the word means to me. Long winding roads through the Sierra Nevadas, the beauty of the hills reflected in Lake Isabella & the desert landscape. *bliss*

Take a moment to head on over to the beautiful blog of Kerrie Drake & then wander around the circle & happy hump day everyone. xx

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

this is me blogging ... sisterhood stories

Hello ... surprise ... happy hump day ... yep i'm actually blogging ... please now take a minute ... sit down ... breath ... & see what i have to say. I have become a member of a blogging circle (i believe that's what it's called) ... the Sisterhood Stories ... hopefully this will get me back into the swing of things because you know i like to blog. 

So last thursday i set out on a little photographic road trip ... just me & the camera ... it was a screw the weather kind of day I just needed to get out shooting & escape this rut i had found myself in. & it was a wonderful adventure ... no munchkin (not that i don't love my adventures with the munchkin) ... & what turned out to be some beautiful weather. I headed out to the coast via a little random trip around the fens, 30 miles took me about 2 hours but it was all worth it, even the dreaded sand that naturally made it's way into everything. But more importantly for me at least i found myself inspired once again, so much beauty around me screaming to be photographed. There are certain things i need to do ... spend time alone, read books, run & take pretty pictures ... without the above i feel as if something is missing, the same way i feel as if something is missing when my son isn't around ... things that are all part of the person i am. & wow did it feel amazing!! 

So enough talk ... sit back ... relax ... take a load of your feet ... & check out some pretty pictures. & When you're done be sure to head on over to the beautiful blog of Karrie Drake & see what words of wisdom this has to offer & of course check out some beautiful photos. 

& a little bit of fun ... have a wonderful day everyone. xx