Wednesday, February 19, 2014

street photography ...

So something I have always admired is street photography, i mean who doesn't right? I can look at the work of Cartier Bresson for hours, drooling over the pages of his books, & i have incredible talented friends such as Rob Grimes & Sasha Holloway who can capture those instant moments, me well i don't think that fast. So i have been trying to step outside my little box, stop waiting for the people to get out of my shots (because seriously they are always in my way) & capture the moment as it's happening. But also I have been working on the "format" i shoot in. I naturally see everything in "landscape" & i feel this is something i need to work on so. 

So a couple of weeks back i ventured into Cambridge with just my Lensbaby composer pro & edge 80 lens for company, & a lot of rain! I have to say i love the results, i love the darker side of cambridge & that i actually captured people in my work! So enjoy some "pretties" here & then take a moment to work your way around the sisterhood stories circle starting with the blog of Karrie Drake. & you can of course check out more of my lensbaby work over in my etsy shop sweet dreams & honey. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lake Isabella ...

I think we all have a place where we can find peace, a place that we can sit & watch & dream. I have a few of those spots but one of them is on the shores of Lake Isabella. Up in the Sierra Nevadas of California it's a huge man made lake, a damn protecting Isabella & Bakersfield from it. The Kern River flows into it, & it's rounded by dirt & mountains & rocks & everything England isn't. I first met the Lake in 2007 when my then boyfriend took me to see it, since then I have been back to see it 3 times & have simple grown to love it more. This time we were in for a shock as the drought that has hit the area means the Lake is drying up, all those trees you see in this pictures sticking out the water weren't there in 2011 when i saw it last. My favorite spot to go & stand is now dirt, the water hundreds of meters from it's edge. It makes me sad to see it disappear. But i set out to photography it, something i have never managed to do justice too, & i have to admit it took me about 4 tries before i got the images you see here. The problem (& yes it was a problem) were the blue blue skies, too much contrast. It's January, mid winter & barely a sign of a cloud in the sky (the opposite of winter in England) but finally the week before we left we had some hazy days, i jumped on this & found the peace I feel there in person in my work. 

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