Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a little lensbaby love ...

Ok ok i know i am bad at blogging ... what can i say, i distract easily ... I keep having good intentions but then they fail. So it's been a few weeks, but i will allow for the fact i was on vacation. But now i'm back & it's time for a few pretties & you chance to enjoy the inspirations of the sisterhood stories. 

So i wanted to share some of my favorites from our month in California (& Vegas) ... & as it turns out they were all shot with my beloved Lensbaby. I admit i do have some favorites that weren't shot with said Lensbaby but i swear this lens was designed for California, it just suited the "vibe" of well everything. I love how it used the pretty light so well & the tones were beautiful, & then Vegas a city i have never been able to shoot well it captured it perfectly for me. So enough talk it's picture time ... & when you're done here be sure to head on round the rest of the sisterhood stories circle & check out their musing, words & inspirational pictures starting with Karrie

If you want to purchase one of these or to view more of my lens baby work you can head on over to my etsy shop sweet dreams & honey ... Happy wednesday!