Wednesday, July 9, 2014

running ...

So here's what i know about running ... i love it ... yes i'm one of "those" ... i mean how can you love something that hurts so much? Here's the thing about running ... it lets me clear my head, i always feel accomplished (even a bad run), it gets me outdoors (i'm really not a treadmill kind of girl & yes even in the middle of winter) & i get to fly!

Stepping back a little I can admit it has never come easy for me, i have to work at it, i have to want it. Sometimes I feel like it's the same as my photography, very much a part of who I am & something I feel is missing if i don't do it. I feel lucky that i can run, & that i get to run with some amazing people. So slowly I have been working on incorporating two of my passions & creating some inspirational running photographs which I'm sharing here. 

Happy hump day everyone & be sure to work your way around the rest of the sisterhood circle beginning with Karrie


  1. I love to exercise as well. It really does help me clear my mind and rids my body of all those pesky toxins and bad energy that likes to linger. Thank you for your post :)

  2. Beautiful photos and post, Laura. I feel exactly like you do about running and photography. I don't run that much, but when I don't I miss it. Sometimes I replace it with bike riding though, but that works on a different level.

  3. These are just great! I wish I liked to run, lol No, seriously, it's a pain but I keep trying. Some day I'll be able to say that I enjoyed it :)

  4. Oh Laura - such lovely pics - and they've sparked some guilt - for downstairs on my table, is a box with some brand new running shoes - I will definitely get them out now!