Wednesday, June 25, 2014

still life's ...

So as hard as this may be to understand after California & my epic editing sessions I was a little burnt out on landscapes, it's not that i don't love everything i shot but I had been looking at them for weeks & i needed a change. Time to step outside my little box & shoot some still life's. Still life's don't come easy to me, I have a hard time creating the picture, I much prefer to be given the picture & go from there. But I also needed something totally different. So over the span of a few days, taking over the kitchen table with "props" from around the house & a few flowers from the local florist I got creative. I played around with different lenses, had a little fun in my editing & here are some of the end results. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do ... & don't forget to head on round the rest of the sisterhood circle starting with Karrie & some more stunning photography! 

ps. all the textures i used are by Sarah Gardner & can be purchased from her website. Also her book is amazing as well!