Wednesday, September 3, 2014

procrastinating ...

First of all ... how is it September already??? No really when did this happen! I am in shock! Anyways I am busy trying to organize my office, clean stuff out & I just got back from a beautiful wonderful trip to France (oh how i love France) & i feel like we have so much going on for the rest of the year my brain is moving between procrastinating & not enough hours in the day (& yes i am well aware the solution to that is not to procrastinate). So anyways I have nothing this week, just a couple of photos of France (I am in the midst of editing) & then i must return to my attempt at being productive! & you my wonderful viewers can make your way around the Sisterhood Circle starting with Karrie in the hopes that they have something a little more substantial to share with you & i will return to the cleaning & decluttering. Happy hump day everyone! xx


  1. When there are such beautiful pictures, Laura, there is a story to imagine by us, your readers. No need for (too) many words :)

  2. I've had a really long day, and your pictures have lifted my energy again! I love looking at them x

  3. I love each and every single photo of yours. I wanted to go to Paris for my big 4-0, but life got in the way, well, maybe in a near future xox